About 12 years ago my room-mate Jason Main went to a friends house and played the board game called Life. He came home and told me about his idea to make a game like life but from the perspective of the streets instead of the bland, white-bread perspective that is the game Life. That night we brainstormed and conceived the basic ideas and appearances that we present to you today. 

Originally called Pimpopoly (Read about why we changed the name) it was play tested through various phases for the next few years, developing a cult following amongst our circle of friends. We tried to produce it as an actual board game around 9 years ago but we had limited resources at the time, and honestly, we were just a bit young and inexperienced. Keep in mind this was the pre-Kickstarter era. It ended up getting shelved and collecting dust.

Fast forward to now. We brought it back out, re-did some of the artwork and re-branded it entirely and we present to you Pimp - The Board Game, the funnest game we’ve ever played.