What is Pimp - The Board Game?

It is a terrible board game where the player is rewarded for misogyny, greed and narcissism. Players act as pimps moving around the game board collecting properties. Yea, it’s that bad.

It is an old-school roll & move turn-based game that is simple to learn yet still contains enough engagement that it has proven itself enjoyable amongst hard-core board game geeks as well as casual gamers. It’s a nice, light game to play with friends. 
It’s not about complex rules and strategy here, it’s strictly about maximizing the amount of fun you can have playing a game.
What’s In The Box?!


Game Board, 6 custom pewter game pieces, 42 full color score cards, 12 full color ho cards, game money

Game Board: Colored in pimp colors this vibrant board is full of crazy events. There are ladies of the night, score cards, cops to run away from, drug deals gone bad, etc.

Custom Game Pieces: Hand carved these pieces look and feel like the real deal. 42

Score Cards: The score cards are items that you ‘score’ along the way. They are either Drugs, Weapons, Bling or Wildcards. You can use Drugs and Bling to try and talk the girls into working for you and you can use the weapons to battle other pimps and take their escorts.

12 Call Girl Cards: These are what you want. But you gotta pay to see them.

Game Money: Custom designed game money represents the only thing that matters in this game. Get the most of this and you can be the winner.


Pimp - The Board Game Game Rules