In this game of greed the player with the most wins.
At the end of the game everyone totals up their money, Score Cards and Call Girls (all cards have a dollar value).
The player with the highest total wins.


Place the board between all players.
Shuffle the Score cards and place them face down in a central location.
Layout all the Ho cards face down so that everyone can see the names and prices.
Decide who the banker will be.
Banker gives all players $1000 starting cash.
Roll the dice to see who goes first, game play moves clockwise from winner.
Players pick their pieces in order of play.


Game Play:

There are three types of dice rolls:
Moving: Roll the dice and move your piece on the board when it is your turn.
Macking: Roll the dice to try and sweet talk a Ho into working for you.
Fighting: Highest dice roll wins the fight - see below under Ho squares.

At any point, during ANY dice roll, if a player rolls doubles that player gets to take a Score card.


Score Cards:

There are four types of Score cards:
Drug cards
Weapon cards
Bling cards
Wild cards

Drug cards and Bling cards may only be used when trying to mack a Ho.
Weapon cards may only be used when fighting.
Wild cards have special directions:

The Donuts card - A player can ignore a cop square by playing the donuts card. All cop squares are denoted by having the have Buster the Pig icon. This card is a use-once card and must be placed in the bottom of the Score deck after use.

The Rufee card - A player can use another player’s Ho for free by playing this card - often saved for an expensive ho. This card can only be played after landing on a Ho square that another player owns. Show them the card and now the player does not have to pay. This card is a use-once card and must be placed in the bottom of the Score deck after use. Note: Your ‘Fight’ option is lost by using this card. You may not choose to fight after playing the Rufee.

At any point in the game players may trade or sell Score cards for any dollar figure agreed upon.



Squares on the Board:

There are three types of squares a pimp can land on:

Action Squares
Score Squares
Ho Squares

Action Squares have directions on them that you must follow.
There are many different Action squares:
monetary loss - give that money to the bank
monetary gain - get money from the bank
directional - roll the dice again to go forward or backward depending on what the square
Ho loss - some tell you to ‘lose a ho’, you must then place a Ho back in the open Ho area
other - simply follow the directions on the square

Score Squares simply say ‘Score’ and you take a Score card.

Ho Squares have two outcomes.

1) "Open Ho"
If the Ho is currently unemployed you need to 'Mack' her by taking an additional dice roll. At this point you can use Drug cards or Bling cards by placing them face down on the board BEFORE your dice roll. The points add to your roll. Note that you can only use Drug cards once. After the dice roll they go to the bottom of the deck. A roll of 7 or better will win her and she will work for you. Now you take the Ho card plus her value, like taking what’s in her purse, if you will. Don’t show anyone your card! They have to pay for that. If you do not roll a 7 or better your turn is over and you suck.

2) "Working Ho"
If another player currently has the Ho you need to pay that player her value. Only now do you get to see the Ho card. After paying for the Ho you now have an option to battle and take their Ho. Fighting is an additional dice roll and the instigator always rolls first. At this point you can play Weapon cards by placing them face down on the board BEFORE your dice roll. Their points add to your roll, but keep in mind that Weapon cards are also ‘use once’. After the fight your Weapon cards go to the bottom of the deck. If the instigator wins he gets the Ho they just paid for. BUT! If the defender wins they get to take any one of your Hos. For this reason it is not always wise to fight. In the event of a tie both players go to the next round and fight again. Any Weapon cards placed face down remain in play, and you can even play MORE Weapon cards if you like BEFORE your next dice roll.



Examples Scenarios:


Scenario One: Macking a Ho

Player one lands on Tina, she is open. Player one puts down two drug cards worth a total of 2 points. Player one rolls a 5 on the dice. His roll, plus the 2 points on the drug cards he played totals 7, winning him the favor of Tina. He now takes Tina and $50 - her value. Now player one puts his drug cards at the bottom of the deck and this is the end of his turn.

Scenario Two: Paying for a Ho and Fighting

Player two lands on Tina, but she is owned by Player one. Player two must pay player one $50. After player two sees Tina he decides to fight for her. This is a risky move as player two owns Donna, a more expensive ho. Player two has no Weapons. Since the instigator always rolls first player two rolls the dice. He gets a 10. Player one’s turn to fight and he throws down a Weapon card with a 1 point value. He rolls the dice and rolls a 9. Add the 9 with his Weapon and they have tied. Round two! Player two rolls the dice again and rolls a 6. Player one rolls the dice, including his Weapon card which is still face up. He rolls a 4! Player two gets to take Tina for himself now. Any Weapons are placed in the bottom of the deck and this is the end of the turn.


End Game:


Saving for Retirement

When a player reaches the finish circle they stay there until everyone else has reached the finish. They are allowed to roll the dice when it is their turn in hopes of getting doubles and taking a score card. The finished player does not move his piece during this time. When 'Saving for Retirement' a player may still collect dollar values from their Hos if other players land on their property. Players in the finish circle are not exempt from fighting and may still have to fight to defend their Hos in battles. 

This is a good time to start counting up your totall A$$ets.


Notes and FAQs:


Watch your Hoes! If a player lands on your Ho and you are not paying attention you might miss out on collection. If the next player in turn rolls the dice before you get a chance to claim your money you are not elligable to collect. Common ways to claim your money are by exclaiming "That's my ho!" or "Gimme my money!" This is a common occurance and can be avoided by paying attention.

Example: Player 1 owns Donna. Player 2 lands on Donna while Player 1 is having a conversation with Player 4. Player 2 notices that Player 1 is not looking and passes the dice to Player 3. Player 3 is a little confused and Player 2 hands Player 3 a $20 Game Money, whispering, "Roll the dice, quick!" As soon as Player 3's dice hit the board, Player 1 is no longer allowed to collect from Player 2 for having a roll in the hay with Donna. Player 2 is assed out. 

This rule has led to this strange occurance during game play: Players wait until their turn to take a bathroom break, taking the dice with them so that they cannot potentially lose out on collecting for their Hos. 



Q. Can I roll again if I roll doubles?
A. No, but you do get a Score card.

Q. If I land on a Ho but I don't want to pay can I battle?
A. No, you have to pay no matter what. Only after payment may you choose to battle or not battle.

Q. Can I haggle over a Ho price?
A. This is a gray area. If the price is $300 and you only have $200 you may barter for a price with the Ho's Pimp. But the standard rule is that you MUST pay full price for the use of a Ho. If you do not pay in full you cannot fight. 

Q. What happens if I totally run out of money?
A. Then you can stiff people and the board out of your debts. No matter how much you owe you can still hold on to your Ho cards and Score cards.


Alternate Rules:

Advanced players have discovered their own little rules and ways to play the game to make it more intense. Here are a few that they have come up with over the years:

• Legal Theft
In this version of the rules stealing is completely legal. Players can take Hos, Score Cards and Cash from other players if they are not looking with no repercussions. They may NOT, however, take from the bank. This has obvious problems with trust and un-fair gameplay and is not recommended.

• Ho Price Bartering
In this version players may barter for the price of Ho payemnt upon usage. Players do not have the option to fight unless the Ho price is paid in full. 

• Proximity Fighting
in this version you may choose to fight another player if you land on the same square that they are on. By fighting you ignore what the square says entirely and your turn is occupied by battle. Winner gets their pick of the loser's Hos. This version was very popular with more aggressive players who liked to fight all the time, but for most people this is not recommended as it turns the whole game into a bloodbath.